Friday, 27 February 2015

John Mansfield 7th March-19th April

From 7th March, come and see the Tour de France artist John Mansfield’s work on display. A printer and illustrator by trade, John has used his talents to produce painted images from photographs. Reminiscent of screen printed images produced by Andy Warhol through the 50’s and 60’s, his work has a ‘Pop Art’ feel mainly depicting figurative images. Horticap is delighted to be able to have John’s work displayed for the public to view in our exhibition space and his work is also available to buy.                                          

Monday, 16 February 2015

Open Call

Artist Opportunities
Are you an artist/craft person looking for space to exhibit your work?
Here at Horticap we have a small exhibition space and facilities to hold workshops. We are looking for local artists to exhibit work and hold workshops during 2015.
Interested? Please email me direct with information about your practice, images of work, links to web site/blog and contact details.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Students of Horticap 8th November - 22nd December 2013

Alex Horner, Oil pastels on paper

After the fantastic success of the students recent exhibition in June we will be once again be showing more of their work towards the end of the year. Pieces shown are all produced by students who attend a weekly Art group here at Horticap and all work will be available to purchase for a donation of your choosing. This exhibition is not to be missed! 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Shirley Coles 2nd September-29th September 2013                                
                                                              'Penyghent' Acrylic

"After I retired my main hobbies were golf and gardening. I had an allotment but following a couple of operations I was advised not to lift or dig. A new hobby was needed and a friend suggested painting. My response was that I couldn't draw and certainly couldn't paint. Since then I have found that you can learn. I have learnt to observe my surroundings, to see shapes, colours and tones all around me. Now I will have a go at most subjects and mediums although haven't yet reached the abstract stage! Yorkshire is a wonderful county and such an inspiration with its varied land, sea and city scapes. I am on a steep learning curve and learning to see my way around."

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Chris Moss 3rd August-31st August 2013

I have always enjoyed the process of drawing both as an end in itself and as a step in the process of making sculpture. Making an image of a subject is a way of understanding it; in the same way that wire sculpture is a natural extension of sketching, a way of drawing the world 3-dimensionally. After all, “Drawing is simply a line going for a walk” Paul Klee.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Gina Gordon 1st July-29th July 2013

'I work in an eclectic mix of styles and enjoying experimenting with 'throw away' materials such as paper/wire/plastic. My background is in Art and Design, but I am now veering towards textiles and photography, combining the two in a colourful mix. I will be showing a diverse range of work which I hope will intrigue the viewer.'

The Students of Horticap 1st June-30th June 2013
James McMaster, Felt tip pen on paper
Throughout the year the students have been involved in a weekly art workshop run by Carol Sowden. They have been encouraged to express themselves through different mediums to visualise the place and space they feel the most happiest. Giving them this opportunity has helped them visualise their thoughts through the creativity of mark making in the broadest sense. Being a part of the group has helped many students develop their own artistic talents as well as their skills of communication and group involvement. 
A show of their work will be available to view from the 1st-30th June.